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Ayana Journeys - Cambodia

10% discount on 'Learn from Locals' Day Tours in Siem Reap

Ayana Journeys offers ethical, educational travel experiences, with the belief that travel can enrich the lives of individuals, communities, and the world. ‘Ayana’ comes from Pali, an ancient Buddhist language from which modern Khmer finds its roots. The most direct translation of ‘Ayana’ is ‘the path to enlightenment’, but they take it to mean ‘learning journey’ or ‘journey of discovery’ – both of the world, and for the enrichment of the self.

All their tours have an element of learning, with a philosophy that travel is as much about learning from new cultures and places, as it is about a life-long learning experience for personal development.

What's GOOD?

Responsible travel is at the heart of everything that they do at Ayana Journeys. They endeavour to be a responsible tourism role model and collaborate with others to innovate and inspire ethical travel best practices.

Social GOOD: Their tours are designed to support social businesses, NGOs and other initiatives that support local development and cultural preservation. Their educational tours provide direct funding to an educational NGO (PEPY Empowering Youth) that provides scholarships to rural students to pursue further education. In addition, they are a ChildSafe Certified business.

Environmental GOOD: They use plant based refuse bags for waste collection, use local handcrafted picnic baskets to reduce packaging waste, and distribute tote bags to guests on multi-day tours to reduce the use of single plastic.They aim to minimise their emissions by promoting the use of public transport or bus travel where possible, and activities such as cycling or walking.

Economic GOOD: Their tours seek to provide a sense of place, so they always seek to use local services (e.g. eat at local restaurants, stay at locally owned guesthouses, support local enterprises), local goods and local products. All of their staff earn more than the minimum wage in Cambodia and receive additional staff benefits outside of legal requirements.

You can read more about what makes Ayana Journeys GOOD in their Responsible Tourism Policy.

10% discount on 'Learn from Locals' Day Tours in Siem Reap

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