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Bamboo Bicycle Tours give you the opportunity to escape the hustle & bustle of Bangkok. They have tours available during the day or at twilight on their comfy bamboo bicycles. You’ll explore Bang Krachao with its lush tropical forests filled with wildlife. Bang Krachao is just across the river from downtown Bangkok, but you will be impressed by the striking contrast between the two sides of the river. You can choose to join one of their existing bike tours or contact them for a made to measure tour.

What's GOOD?

Environmental GOOD: The bamboo frames are works of art and the natural materials actually suck carbon out of the atmosphere (as opposed to producing lots of airborne carbon). Bamboo is shock absorbing and incredibly strong, so it is the perfect material to craft bicycles. Besides, what is more appropriate than riding a bamboo bike in an area where bamboo grows so abundantly?

Social GOOD: Bamboo Bicycle Tours has been incubated by Project Lifecycle B.V., a Dutch company focusing on producing bamboo bikes in developing countries and organising unique day-tours on self-made bamboo bicycles locally.

Bamboo Bicycle Tours mission is threefold:

  1. Creating awareness by promoting the use of durable materials and encourage people to ride a bike.
  2. Poverty alleviation by supporting economic growth in developing countries.
  3. Establishing a sustainable, profitable business model with local entrepreneurs.

10% discount

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