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Himalayan Quests - Nepal

10% discount on tours and treks

Himalayan Quests offers treks and tours off the beaten track in Nepal. By focusing on off the tourist trail routes, they will give you the opportunity to experience real Himalayan life. They specialise in tailor-made trips of a life time according to your requirements, budgets and time scales. Each itinerary is created to suit your interests and desires, giving you as much help, guidance or freedom as you wish, while maintaining the company‚Äôs responsible travel ethics.

What's GOOD?

Himalayan Quests (HQ) is a Nepali company run by an internationally accredited outdoors expert, educator and enthusiast, with over a decade of experience leading trips and expeditions at home and abroad. 

Social GOOD: The HQ Foundation works to improve the lives of Nepali communities through fundraising treks and health camps. 

Environmental GOOD: They have a range of policies to protect the environment, conserve natural resources and mnimise pollution. 

Economic GOOD: They are a Nepali organisation, using local partners, staff and suppliers. They always ensure that their staff are paid fairly and provided with the appropriate equipment and kit for expeditions.

10% discount on tours and treks

Email Himalayan Quests directly to inquire about their tours and make a booking. Attach a copy of your membership card to your email to claim your discount.

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