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Wildlife Sanctuary Tour - Costa Rica

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Kids Saving The Rainforest (KSTR) specialises in the rescue and release of wild rainforest animals. In addition to helping injured and abandoned animals regain their health and return to the wild there are many animals which cannot be released, and KSTR offers safe sanctuary to them. 

By taking a tour of the KSTR Wildlife Sanctuary, you will see in person the dedication and love it takes to help save these rainforest animals—over 130 animals every year! You'll have the opportunity to see five types of monkeys, nocturnal Kinkajous (if they are awake), parrots and sloth.

The sanctuary is located about 7 kilometres outside of Quepos Central on the property of the Blue Banyan Inn, part of a 70 acre property with a mountain view surrounded by primary and secondary rainforest. Tours need to be reserved in advance.

What's GOOD?

​KSTR is a registered non-profit organisation in the US and in Costa Rica, and one of the few MINAE-approved, legal rescue centres in the country. MINAE is the Costa Rican governmental organisation which oversees rescues: Minesterio de Ambiente y Energia. ​​

The sanctuary provides a safe home for animals that cannot be released back into the wild. These animals are given an environment in which they can thrive and enjoy life, along with great nourishment and care.  

All tour proceeds go towards funding the wildlife rescue centre and sanctuary.

$10 discount per person

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