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15% discount on all experiences (minimum 2 people per booking)

Laor Travel offers personal handcrafted experiences to give you the opportunity to meet passionate local people, organisations and social enterprises who are working to empower the marginalised. Their experiences include Social Good, Art & Food Good, and Shop & Pamper Good. They can also organise tailor-made experiences.

What's GOOD?

Laor Travel was founded by Lisa Lopeti who is originally from New Zealand and of Cambodian and Chinese descent. Lisa is passionate about positive social change and believes it is the collective actions of committed people that change our world. Each experience with Laor Travel is designed to have a positive impact.

  • Social GOOD experiences are designed to help transform the lives of children facing poverty and exploitation. This experience partners with local non-profit organisations who are achieving high social impact and promotes their local development work. You will be invited to contribute to the positive impact these organisations are making through donations and raising awareness.
  • Art & Food GOOD experiences give you the opportunity to support Cambodian artists and contribute to art-based local non-profits. The home-cooking class supports a local family-run business and the hip hop dance class supports former street youth.
  • Shop & Pamper GOOD experiences enable you to purchase sustainable products that positively impact people and the planet by shopping at social enterprises and local markets. Your pampering will empower disadvantaged young women in their vocational training as they work towards a brighter future.

15% discount on all experiences (minimum 2 people per booking)

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