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Living in Peace Project - New Zealand

Free permaculture farm tour

The LivingInPeace Project is an eco-tourism venture that combines elements of art, travel, permaculture, education and wellness to create an environmentally sustainable business in Karamea at the top of the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. Enveloped by the Kahurangi National Park on three sides and sealed in by the Tasman Sea, Karamea is an especially scenic and special travel destination. 

The LivingInPeace project includes accommodation facilities Rongo Dinner, Bed & Breakfast ( and Karamea Farm Baches (, which form the financial base of the project and provide income to fund further development. By staying with them, you are helping this project to grow and improve. They are constantly striving to be more energy efficient and the project is progressive, innovative and carbon neutral. They aim to consistently deliver a high-quality experience to our guests. 

What's GOOD?

The project is involved in many GOOD initiatives! We have highlighted a few below but we also recommend visiting their website for more information and inspiration!

  • Solar Hot Water: Rongo has not used any electricity to heat water since 2005. The water is heated with a solar system and augmented with a wood-burning water heater and a wetback system on the living room fireplace. This is a significant cost saving in terms of economics and the environment. Karamea Farm Baches also have solar pre-heaters installed to defray the cost of heating the water with electricity and solar systems will be installed to heat the water at the baches in future.
  • Carbon Sink: A 31-hectare (80-acre) regenerating bush property provides a carbon offset for the emissions associated with the business. They actively encourage people to fly to New Zealand from Europe, Asia and America and other parts of the world, which incurs a carbon cost. To counter this, they maintain the bush block as a carbon sink to absorb the carbon they produce in the service of their business. The property doubles as an attraction and guests can visit the property to see huge trees that are over 1,000 years old…They call it the “Jungle Tour.”
  • Permaculture Farm: The project aims to be self-sufficient in the production of food––fruit, vegetables, meat and firewood––in addition, they provide locally grown organic meals to guests. They operate on a “no waste” model, with simple, organic, healthy meals locally sourced seasonal fruit, vegetables, venison, beef, lamb, pork, chicken, fish and other seafood etc
  • Yoga: They have a yoga studio at Rongo and guests can enjoy this space for private practice or join the scheduled yoga classes with a qualified instructor. 

Free permaculture farm tour

You can see the rooms, check availability, rates and book online at either of the LivingInPeace Project accommodation facilities. E-mail project founder Paul Murray and attach a copy of your membership card to claim your free tour.

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