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With the amount of waste produced daily, and the difficulty to recycle properly, NOW No Waste discovered the most efficient way to tackle these issues was to produce less in the first place.

They calculate the environmental impact of each product because every little step counts. NOW No Waste,carefully sources products that are ethical, helps to reduce your plastic waste, have recyclable packaging, are BPA free.

What's GOOD?

Environmental GOOD: All of the packages are made of second hand boxes to which they give a new life and all products are plastic free. All of the products are safe for your health, BPA and chemical free.

Social GOOD: The selected brands are involved in social projects such as reforestation, access to health services for deprived children and employing people living with disabilities. NOW No Waste is working on a partnership with St. James' Settlement, which has an upcycling centre in Wanchai and is hiring disabled and elderly people.

10% discount

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